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1.       Patu Aotearoa will be running a 12 week wero 4 times in 2016
2.       In each 12 week wero, whānau will have their body composition taken                before the 12 weeks commences and after the 12 weeks.
3.       Individuals can register online.
4.       Whānau are more than welcome to pay in full or pay via automatic                      payment.
5.       Cost per person to enter is $20 per person + $10 per week for gym                      membership.
6.       After each 12 week block a winner will be announced. 
7.       There will be 3 prizes-


Best transformation @ $200

Most weight lost @ $200

Most body fat % lost @ $200

8.       Have fun, work hard and believe in yourself. We will help you get there.
9.       If you miss the weigh in we still encourage whānau to attend, but you                 won’t be able to get measured up until the next intake.